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All MPT plasters are non-acrylic plasters with high water vapour permeability (breathing activity) containing only natural minerals and additives.

MPT plasters are manufactured under an independently audited quality management system: Telarc Q Base Code:2001.



Adobecoat is a fine, finishing render that can be easily worked with a wet sponge to produce a subtle or bold, undulating ‘Adobe’ finish. Adobecoat can also be steel trowelled to produce a smooth, polished finish – following special preparation of preceding coats.
A thickness of 8mm can be achieved in 1 application, if required.


Bondcoat is a factory mixed, highly adhesive render, designed specifically for use as a key or bonding plaster. Primarily used as a bedding coat for fibreglass reinforcing mesh.
Bondcoat can also be used as an initial key-coat on painted surfaces and most old cladding materials when carrying out remedial work, or modernising older homes.


Floatcoat is a dry plaster finishing render. Usually applied by plastic trowel/float to produce a pleasant, light, grainy texture. A medium texture can be achieved by application through a hopper gun or sponged with sponges.
Floatcoat is designed primarily for use as a finishing coat for the application of these MPT Exterior Cladding Systems: AACclad, Fibreclad, Liteclad, Meshclad and Stoneclad.


Litecoat is a structural basecoat render primarily for fibre-cement. It can also be used on brick and block and AAC. It is medium density, high strength, expanded, cement based plaster containing a lightweight aggregate.

Litecoat is the structural basecoat for the MPT Liteclad System. It is designed specifically for direct application to 4.5, 6.0, 7.5 and 9.0mm fibre-cement sheets.
Litecoat can be applied at a thickness of 10mm, so it is ideal for repair work, build-up use or to match up with a solid plaster system.


Skimcoat is a cement based, all-purpose skimming render designed specifically as a levelling coat and a preparation coat for subsequent finishing coats.

Skimcoat is designed primarily for use as a levelling and preparation coat during the application of these MPT Exterior Cladding Systems: Fibreclad, Liteclad, Meshclad and Stoneclad.


Stonecoat is a plaster render designed for use as a structural basecoat or levelling coat for all masonry substrates. It is also ideal for fibre-cement, pumice and straw bale substrates.
Stonecoat can be applied at a thickness of 10mm.

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