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When used with MPT exterior plasters, APCO Earthtone paints complete a full exterior cladding system designed specifically for New Zealand conditions

Earthtone is a range of premium paint coatings for concrete, cementitious, fibre-cement and plaster surfaces.

Earthtone Limebuster 

An acrylic, penetrating sealer for unpainted, concrete, cementitious and fibre-cement plaster surfaces. Can be used on “green” concrete and helps to assist cure by sealing in moisture for longer. Limebuster promotes adhesion of high build acrylic membrane coatings and also modifies moisture transfer through the concrete surface helping to prevent the onset of efflorescence.
Ideal for plaster surfaces and new concrete surfaces

Earthtone Elastomeric Finish

Formulated on an adhesion promoted, flexible pure acrylic polymer that combines excellent adhesion, water and alkali resistance and exceptional weather resistance, with crack bridging capability up to 1mm. The low sheen finish will promote good soil resistance and a finish that is easy to clean. The high build properties of this coating produces a tough, flexible finish. A dry film thickness of 100 microns per coat can be achieved. 
Ideal for plaster, fibre-cement claddings, poly claddings and some AAC systems 

Earthtone High Build Primer

A tough, acrylic, high build primer that has excellent adhesion and build over concrete surfaces. Earthtone High Build Primer’s Low Sheen finish provides the ideal key for top coats. Used in conjunction with Earthtone High Build Finish it reduces the leaching of alkali on concrete plaster renders, leaving a lasting timeless finish with low maintenance.

Ideal for all types of off-form concrete, masonry surfaces and repaints where required

Earthtone High Build Finish

A very tough, high build acrylic latex finish that has exceptional alkali, water and weather resistance with low dirt pick up for an easy to clean finish. The high build properties of this coating gives maximum protection & ease of application on difficult substrates such as textured cement board, stucco and block work. 

Ideal for all types of off-form concrete, masonry surfaces and repaints where required

Earthtone 2mm Texture Spray On/Trowel On 

A pure acrylic, texture coating designed for fast, economical application by spray or trowel.

A tough, high build, intermediate coating with a pleasant sand texture.

Ideal for all types of concrete and masonry surfaces

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Please refer to the Technical Datasheets before using these products