What is MPT

MPT stands for Mineral Plaster Technology,

a unique range of NATURAL exterior plastering products


  • MPT systems allow your walls to breathe naturally
  • Cost-effective cladding solutions that are designed to last
  • Environmentally friendly products made from all-natural materials 
  • MPT plaster systems provide strength, weather-tightness and insulation

MPT plasters are made from natural materials, using cement, lime and sands produced in New Zealand - enhanced with the highest quality European additives.

MPT plasters can be used on most substrates including polystyrene insulation boards, masonry surfaces such as concrete, concrete block, AAC panel, brick, clay and stone. MPT plasters can also be used on straw-bale, rammed earth, and fibrous cement sheeting.
Natural mineral additives have been incorporated into the plasters, according to a German formula, and adapted for New Zealand conditions for improved application and performance.

MPT flashings are a unique range of weather-tight flashings that create a tight seal protecting against extreme weather conditions, and provide long term protection to the substrate.

The easy application, versatility and durability of MPT plaster and flashings compliments great architectural design while guaranteeing a solid finish that will stand the test of time.


Why use MPT?
The Point of Difference

Healthy, Dry Homes
MPT Exterior Cladding Systems are breathable, allowing trapped water vapour to escape to the exterior surface of the plaster. This reduces moisture retention within the wall cavity; resulting in healthy, dry homes, without compromising on the strength of the systems.

Environmentally Friendly
MPT plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to acrylic plasters. Made from minerals of New Zealand.

We are committed to ensuring our products have a minimal impact on the environment. The weathering process does not result in any break down of the material or release of harmful substances or hazardous waste.

Solid as a Rock
MPT plasters are impact resistant and extremely durable in demanding weather conditions.

MPT should be your first choice for exterior plaster…the natural choice

Warranties available:
~ 15 year Material Warranty
~ 10 year Paint Warranty ~ 5 year Workmanship Warranty from LBPs


Petros Holdings Ltd manufactures the superb range of plasters and paint
that make up the MPT Exterior Cladding Systems