Leaky Homes

Contributing causes to the leaky home syndrome can include:

  • Incorrect installation of monolithic cladding sytems.
  • Inadequate construction of design features with poor architectural details that do not allow proper deflection or drainage of water.
  • Inadequate administration by councils and the Building Administration Authority (the latter having been set up under the building Act 1991 to monitor the implementation of building standards).
  • A failure by some in the building industry to deliver additional care and skill required for modern building systems.

Mineral Plaster Technologies ensures that all installations of our systems are done by a member of our Approved Applicator Network. Our approved applicators are all skilled trades people who have undergone training in our systems. Approved Applicators take part in our ongoing training which includes site visits to monitor workmanship and the completion of an audited self checking quality management system. This rigorous quality management and ongoing training and monitoring of workmanship has resulted in a 100% watertightness record for Mineral Plaster Technology homes.

Mineral Plaster Technology systems have been used extensively in the repair of leaky homes. These repairs must be completed by a skilled and experienced builder as the repair of leaky homes is often complex and requires a well managed repair plan. on

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