MPT Cladding Systems


MPT Cladding Systems are all-natural plaster systems made from New Zealand minerals.

breathable ~ strong ~ environmentally friendly


MPT Meshclad

MPT Meshclad is a complete plastering solution for polystyrene insulation boards.

The system is comprised of cement-based breathable mineral plasters, alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh, and assorted uPVC flashings and trims. The polystyrene boards are fixed to a specially designed 20mm cavity.

The main plaster component of MPT Meshclad is MPT Bondcoat , which provides a tough, durable and crack resistant base when used in conjunction with fibreglass reinforcing mesh.

EIFS*Plaster System for: Polystyrene Insulation Boards, Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS)

Benefits: High Insulation, Lightweight, Solid.

BRANZ Appraisal 445


EIFS: Exterior Insulation Finishing System

MPT Fibreclad

MPT Fibreclad is a double meshed jointing and coating system for fibre-cement board. The double meshed jointing system acts as a double layer of protection over the joint. The board is then covered with extremely strong plaster producing a rock solid finish.

Plaster System for: Fibre-Cement Board

Benefits: Durable, Double layer of Protection. 

BRANZ Appraisal 496

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MPT Stoneclad

MPT Stoneclad is designed to be installed over masonry block, brick (old brick), AAC** Panels and blocks. It is a multi-coat plaster system which has all the benefits of a mineral plaster system including; breathability, high impact resistance and speed and ease of application.

MPT Stoneclad compliments your home visually, and offers long lasting durability.

Plaster System for:  Block & Brick

Benefits: Durable & Solid.


MPT Liteclad

MPT Liteclad is a multi-coat plastering system designed specifically for use on 4.5mm fibre-cement board fixed to timber or steel framing. The system is comprised of a 10 - 12mm base coat of light-weight render, followed by a full fibreglass meshcoat, a skimcoat, and a textured finishing coat, giving a total plaster application of 16 - 18mm. The main plaster component of the MPT Liteclad system is MPT Litecoat render, which provides a tough, durable and crack-resistant base coat when used in conjunction with fibreglass reinforcing mesh.

Plaster System for:  4.5mm Fibre-Cement Board

Benefits: 10mm Solid plaster, High Impact resistance, Long lasting durability.



MPT AACclad is a three-coat plaster system incorporating a full-embedded fiberglass reinforcing mesh and selected finish coats for AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). AAC is supplied to the market in two forms: block and modular panel.

The main plaster component of the system is BONDCOAT plaster, which provides a tough, durable and crack resistant base coat when used in conjunction with fiberglass reinforcing mesh. The breathable characteristic of all MPT plasters complements the natural breathability of AAC. A full fibreglass mesh layer is embedded into the layer of Bondcoat on both forms of AAC substrate.

Strips of reinforced fiberglass mesh are installed diagonally across the corners of all joinery openings to combat the stresses typical at this points.

Where a levelling coat of more than 10mm is required due to the walls being untrue, a flushing coat of STONECOAT can be used. If necessary Stainless Steel wire beads are installed to strengthen the plaster edge and provide screed guides.

Plaster System for: AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) available in blocks and panels.

Benefits: Breathable, strong, plaster system.